about us

Clean Beauté™ is a clean living lifestyle & training company passionate for people and our planet.  We love what we do, feel our mission is full of integrity and have a ton of fun empowering others. Founded in the healthy mountains of Colorado, Clean Beauté is a healthy lifestyle training partner that provides easy to implement, done-for-you health training systems. We work with conscious women from all walks of life with a deep passion for people & the planet. 

Success Is When

What You Do

Becomes Who You Are


 Clean Beauté was designed with the fundamental idea that we are all capable of making significant social change for our health and our planet through conscious choices we make everyday.  We feature in-depth training and education dedicated to social good in hopes of inspiring change for the healthier world.


our tribe


Our Values

We believe...

By living a mind conscious, honest & intentional life,
you will be inspired to make healthier lifestyle choices

We believe living a conscious, honest and intentional life are some of the best values you can live by.  We work every day to educate, empower and inspire our communities to truly understand ways you can change the things you can control, so you can effect even bigger change around the things you can't.  The goal is simple...to leave the world a better, healthier place! 

We want to improve people’s lives, by uncovering the confidence of our Clean Beauté™ ways.  We want to provide safer solutions for your family and help our growing team build thriving businesses. 

We believe by really taking time to think about how you want your life to look and make conscious, healthier lifestyle decisions, you will live a life you love.
There are three areas we live from. 

1. Your Health...
How you move your body, what you put in and on your body, and how you treat yourself. 

2.  Your Happiness...
What choices you make everyday that support your happiness & lifestyle, what brings you joy. 

3.  Your Abundance...
How you are set up for financial success, your relationship with money, your love of career and a lifetime of abundance. 

At Clean Beauté™, we believe when you set up conditions for inevitable success in these areas, anything is possible and your life truly becomes a magical journey. 

BEAUTY. Wellness. Wisdom. Love. Social good


Our Mission

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Our mission is simple...

Inspire Change for a Healthier World!



Our Philosophy

Connecting through life-changing movements, shared experience & wisdom

When you love what you do and you better the world while doing it, it radiates out of your soul! 
We believe we all have that potential to find ways to light our soul on fire and we love helping you find that power through our training and business development programs.

We also believe that it starts with your health, the foundation, which is why our focus is change for a healthier world.  When you design your optimal health, happiness enters more easily, and then abundance flows more freely. 

Anything is possible when you have the right system, the right support, the right accountability, and the right TRIBE! 
That starts right here! 


Our Founder

Liz Logan
A world-renowned expert in wellbeing & a passionate leader for people and planet

Liz Logan is an inspiring woman who merged her passion for health, well-being, beauty and a passion for planet, people, and prosperity to create Clean Beauté™. Clean Beauté is a wealth of empowering information about ways we can all make the world healthier, along with safer products you can trust to help you live a healthy life and leave this world a better place.

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