wendy groover

Passionate.  Enthusiastic. Committed.  Always searching for the safest, most effective lifestyle products.   Curious about others and their motivations.

While I might have pushed the limits of what the body should endure physically with fitness earlier in my lifetime, I ultimately learned the importance of safe and proper choices to maximize individual results for a lifetime of living.  My passions and interests as a mother and wife lie in health issues, balance of lifestyle, culinary arts, fitness, family and friendships.  The daily CHOICES that define our lives and shape our experiences ultimately guide us to our contentment and fulfillment of self, and responsibility to our families and friends.  

As a patient coordinator for a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon, I understand the motivations of those seeking change, and the effect choices have on outcomes. Observing what can be done to us and what we can do for ourselves, led me to partner with Clean Beauté.  I feel a responsibility to myself and to my family and friends to inform and educate them about the current dangers of the beauty industry products that we put on our own bodies and the bodies of our loved ones, mostly without a thought about the harmful health consequences.  Thanks to products like Beautycounter, there are cleaner, better, safer choices available to us now, and I feel passionate about sharing this information to all those who will listen.  

My lifetime commitment?  Gain as much information as possible to make healthy lifestyle choices…and spread the word when I know a safer and purer way to get the same beautiful and effective results without the dangerous ingredients KNOWN to be harmful.  

Aligned perfectly with my personal mission, Clean Beauté represents a continuum of healthy lifestyle discussions, an opportunity to expand and educate others regarding safer beauty and body products, and the ability to create an environment of understanding about how our safer selections will empower us and others in the future.