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CLEAN BEAUTé Breakdown

CLEAN BEAUTé Breakdown

Clean Beauté™ Breakdown Speaking can be so intimidating but not when you have the right tools.  This complete workshop in a box provides you with those tools you need to present what you know about chemical toxins to an audience of people who are struggling with their health and weight, whether in an in-person, or virtual format!  Get in front of groups in a health & wellness arena, corporate environment or spa.  This complete workshop in a box includes a Done-For-You Powerpoint presentation and handouts.  Full until Nov 2018

CLEAN BEAUTé Sweep™   Kitchen Edition

Kitchen Edition


Clean Beauté Sweep™:  Kitchen Edition This is the ultimate non-toxic detox program for you to connect with your clients to clean up their most cherished space in their home and turn it into an oasis.   Learn the necessary steps to conduct a powerful kitchen detox sweep to clean environmental & product toxins that lurk in beautiful kitchens.

Use this as an upsell or stand alone program as a sure way of adding credibility to your business.  Full until Nov 2018

TOX-SI CK  Discovery

TOX-SICK Discovery

TOX-SICK Discovery™ - INTRODUCTORY 4-Week Course. This program is designed to give you deeper understanding around the issues of health and the impact environmental chemicals has on our health so that you can speak from an informed place as a leader in the health industry.  If you have ever felt like a downer when talking about toxins and health together, this program opens the conversation to ways you can get information to your audience without turning them off.   Includes coaching calls and live Q&A and Coaching calls.  Full Until Nov 2018