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Everyone wins when you are

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Start from Scratch?  no way!

It's intimidating to start a new business endeavor, especially if you are just starting out.  There is so much to do and create that is can be down right overwhelming.  As a Clean Beauté Partner, we want to ease you from that pain of starting out.  That's why we've created Signature Systems and Programs with every single thing you need - from marketing, to program content, to program fulfillment.  Truly no detail will be left out.

The Value of Time.  When you become a Clean Beauté Partner, you will get immediate access to to our complete signature training so you can get your business up and running right away and start making money.  We value your time!

Unique + Signature System.  Our system isn’t just like any system—it's intentional, powerful and impactful.  We stand behind our integrity, and give you lots of earning potential.  Plus did we mention we have a lot of fun!

Leaders that Lead.  Clean Beauté's  founder, Liz Logan, is a leading expert who knows this business profoundly.  As a business owner, entrepreneur and lifestyle coach who has experienced abundance in her life, she’s taken all of her knowledge, experience and secrets and put them into the Clean Beauté™ system.

Guesswork Be Gone. Clean Beauté™ believes that in order for us to be successful, YOU must be successful, thus the creation of exact how-to-systems.


build credibility with Your
Own Nutrition Program


Learn how you can have your very own online nutrition program and partner with the leading experts in the wellness industry. 

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GLOW - This Done-for-You online nutritional approach to natural beauty program will help you increase credibility and profit and be a leader in the wellness industry.  A completely online program accessible from anywhere in the world.  Develop & influenced by Europe's highest standards of health, this program is a great jump start to any business model.  Learn More


Implement Your owN

workshops in a box

gain credibility with these expert resources for your business success

CLEAN BEAUTé Breakdown

CLEAN BEAUTé Breakdown

Clean Beauté™ Breakdown Speaking can be so intimidating but not when you have the right tools.  This complete workshop in a box provides you with those tools you need to present what you know about chemical toxins to an audience of people who are struggling with their health and weight, whether in an in-person, or virtual format!  Get in front of groups in a health & wellness arena, corporate environment or spa.  This complete workshop in a box includes a Done-For-You Powerpoint presentation and handouts.  Full until Nov 2018

CLEAN BEAUTé Sweep™   Kitchen Edition

Kitchen Edition


Clean Beauté Sweep™:  Kitchen Edition This is the ultimate non-toxic detox program for you to connect with your clients to clean up their most cherished space in their home and turn it into an oasis.   Learn the necessary steps to conduct a powerful kitchen detox sweep to clean environmental & product toxins that lurk in beautiful kitchens.

Use this as an upsell or stand alone program as a sure way of adding credibility to your business.  Full until Nov 2018

TOX-SI CK  Discovery

TOX-SICK Discovery

TOX-SICK Discovery™ - INTRODUCTORY 4-Week Course. This program is designed to give you deeper understanding around the issues of health and the impact environmental chemicals has on our health so that you can speak from an informed place as a leader in the health industry.  If you have ever felt like a downer when talking about toxins and health together, this program opens the conversation to ways you can get information to your audience without turning them off.   Includes coaching calls and live Q&A and Coaching calls.  Full Until Nov 2018


throw Your Own

girlfriend makeover party


what's more fun than a girl's night out or even in? 
More rewarding than a cancer awareness program? 
How about glaming up for the holidays? 
No matter what day of the week it is, our makeovers are hard to beat!

PARTY IN A BOX: Makeup Makeovers  This Done-for-You program is a fun filled educational program with a party twist that takes putting on safe makeup beautifully to a whole new level.  Adding this program into your business will guarantee fun, profit and education for all.  After all, "Girls just want to have fun!"






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Clean Beauté™ Box
  This time management service provides you with an easy system to manage your clients and provide the best customer experience.  Enjoy happy clients, keep track of product orders and feel good about staying on top of your game with this done for you system.  Includes email scripts and timelines.



Clean Beauté





We want to help you build strong businesses

as well as strong lives.



Join our Partner only academy and start invaluable training with industry experts, fellow partners, and resources who are there to help and support you with your business building questions and needs.
An absolute must.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do!
— Steve Jobs

Our Mission:  We want to empower you to live a life you love through health, happiness and abundance and inspire others to do the same!

PARTNER 30 & 90 Day Business Training

Exclusive Clean Beauté Training: A structured 30 or 90 day training schedule to start you off strong and keep you on track with your new financial, professional and personal lifestyle goals.

Leadership accountability

Weekly Partner Call: A weekly call led by noteworthy Clean Beauté Leaders to help you stay connected, motivated, on top of your game and learning from the best.

Weekly Accountability Plan: By keeping you accountable on a weekly basis it will help ensure your short and long-term success.  We know this to be fact, proven time and time again.   Plus it’s fun to see yourself growing!

Live Trainings & Retreats! Offered throughout the year for business, health and life success. While you can build your business anywhere in the world and completely online, we will also provide live trainings, and empowering retreats for you to be able interact with like-minded entrepreneurs. This may be the most fun of all!



Live & Work Anywhere.  When you build a business through Clean Beauté™,  you can live anywhere in the world and make a fantastic income doing what you love. Learn how to build a successful online business, right from your laptop. Run your business from absolutely anywhere; start designing your own business lifestyle.

Our Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs.  As a Clean Beauté Partner gain access to a valuable network of international leaders and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all with shared passion around people and planet.

Now is the Time.  It is time you started designing & living a life and a business you love! We’ll help you do just that.