Linda Perry

A natural born storyteller, I’ve spent my life helping others tell their unique story in an important way. From litigation attorney to life coach to branding specialist, my path hasn’t followed a straight line but it has always been about passion. Whether it was sharing my client’s story in a convincing way to a jury or being able to watch a client achieve a life-changing breakthrough, being able to guide my clients to discover their unique message and understand how they could make a bigger impact has always been my mission.

Today, I own Soul Genius Branding, a boutique branding company that helps clients with a passion and purpose connect with their audience through content marketing. Whether you’re a life coach, a health coach, wine maker, beauty expert or a builder, my key criteria has always been that my clients want to make this a better world. And that’s how I discovered the power of Clean Beauté in 2016.

My mother had just passed away from ovarian cancer and although I’ve always actively cared for my health through exercise and diet, my desire to ensure that everything that I put ON my body also be clean, honest and authentic grew. As a mom to two teenage kids, I also am passionate about educating the next generation so they can take better control of their health and wellness, so when I was approached to join this amazing team focused on empowering others to make better choices, it just felt aligned.

Joining the Clean Beauté team offers me the ability to put some of my skills to work by sharing products with my clients that I am not only passionate about, but truly believe work. It also fulfills my mission of giving us all a voice to leave this world a better place