Coleen Geiger

Spending most of my career as a graphic designer and marketing account manager, I was accustomed to the creativity and personal interaction that came with the territory. Yet in order to successfully and happily manage my personal life, I found it increasingly difficult to continue to work in the creative industry, where deadlines are last minute and I had little control over my work schedule. It was impossible to give 100% to all areas of my life, without sacrificing somewhere. I needed a more predictable and manageable work schedule or I was going to burn out!

Joining the Clean Beauté team gave me the opportunity to be part of something creative, personal and powerful. I found that I could be a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, friend and successful business woman and that I didn’t have to do all of this by myself. I could be part of something bigger, which allowed me to find my balance and myself.  With the support of my Clean Beauté team, I am now able to offer 100% of myself to my clients, my family and still have time left in the day for me time!