Partnering with Clean Beauté was the best decision I have ever made!
— Katie, Colorado
I never knew I could feel so empowered by my career and make such a difference.
— Liz, Colorado


Clean Beauté is..


The Clean Beaute™ team has supported me with a career that breeds the very balance I was craving, and gives me a chance to be part of something positive, healthy and amazing.

By providing the system support and help that I needed to grow my business, I don’t have to spend precious time recreating business models, learning new technology and trying to figure out what training I can fit into my schedule. All of this is ready and available for my use, through proven methods and cutting edge technology.

I can now offer my clients so much more simply by tapping into this amazing team I am part of. The days of recreating the wheel to get ahead in my career are over. I can now focus on the relationships I am building with people and not get hung up on the back-office part of my career. This gives me the freedom to be myself!

- Coleen

Liz Logan

Ten years ago, I came out of my health coaching school feeling like there was a ton of work to do to be successful.  I knew I wanted various income streams to compliment my Pilates career that I loved and I wanted to empower people on a greater scale.  It seemed daunting to get it all together.  I owned a wellness center and was teaching Pilates but I wanted to do more.  Over the course of the next 10 years, I designed lifestyle programs that are simple and easy to use no matter where your starting point.  I also partnered with BeautyCounter™ to join a movement that is near and dear to my heart.

I merged my passion for health, food, healing, beauty and well-being to create Clean Beaute™.  I use our systems everyday for my clients, programs and retreats.  I'm thrilled to have collaborated with brilliant women on Clean Beaute™ so we can all help change the world with our mission.


andy reinhard

I have always been a huge health advocate and love teaching people about how to be healthy in their own lives.  As a mom of three grown boys and a wife to an amazing man, I wanted my family to grow up in a home that was centered around health. 

Five years ago, I joined Juice Plus as a consultant and started my path towards educating others on how to make health a priority.  I loved this career but I knew there was something missing.

I then joined Clean Beaute™ and their health partner to add to my offerings.  I have always said beauty and health need to be addressed from both the inside and out. 
Joining the Clean Beaute™ family has made it very apparent that the systems they have developed has made it so much easier to get the message across as to how to be healthy in daily living and love what you do for work.  I'm right where I'm meant to be!