Simple Ways to Have a Healthy Easter

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A Healthy Holiday

It’s almost Easter! Such a fun time of year to welcome the Spring and get ready for warmer weather. As with any holiday, the traditions of lots of food, candy, and drinks are abundant (and tempting!). Here are a few tips to enjoy the holiday without feeling guilty when you go to bed.

Stay hydrated!

With all of the different types of food available at most Easter meals, you will want to keep hydrated to help cleanse your body of the extra salt and sugar intake during the day. If you want to mix it up, try sparkling water with added fruit to make a fun little mock-tail! Toast with bubbles that keep you hydrated!

Candy free fillers for Easter eggs!

Not all eggs are created equal. While a few pieces of candy won’t hurt, try mixing up the surprises inside the Easter eggs this year. This will keep the kids engaged and will help curb the sugar rush!

  • Alphabet Magnets- Anyone learning to read? Place a letter in each egg and kids can collect them all and put them on your fridge for learning throughout the year.

  • Puzzle Pieces- Put one or a few pieces in each egg. They will need to find all the eggs to complete the puzzle and possibly even get a bigger prize!

  • Fun accessories- Add bracelets, necklaces, or hair barrettes to the eggs for reusable, fun gifts. .

  • Stickers- Kids (especially toddlers)  love stickers! Place a few in each egg and the kids can continue to play with them once the festivities are over.

  • Coins- Money is always fun to find! You can also teach a lesson about saving money when they add the coins to their piggy bank before they go to bed.

Keep Moving!

It’s easy to indulge in laziness on a holiday. Remember to keep moving to get the most out of the day! Run around with kids on an Easter Egg hunt or take a long walk after the meal. Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Looking for natural dye for eggs? Check out this article for fun, safe, egg-dying tips.

Enjoy the holiday and remember to be good to yourself!



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