Feel Beautiful and Confident by Revealing Your Natural Style


Have you ever put on an outfit and felt like your whole energy changed?  Do you have that one piece of clothing that when you wear it makes you feel unstoppable?  Do you plan on wearing your best clothes when you need to feel extra powerful?

What we wear has a massive impact on how we feel and how others perceive us. Knowing what colors enhance your skin tone and which styles you should be shopping for will make you feel more confident.

Size doesn’t matter, but shape, proportions and scale do matter. So, purchasing items designed to suit your shape will make you feel naturally fabulous. No more guess work, no more buying, just because you think it’s pretty. Buy because of how it makes you feel, naturally beautiful and confident.

When you start shopping through this mind set, you will focus more on the few items that really make you feel beautiful and confident, leaving the rest behind. 

If you get really good at this, you will realize you might even be spending less on clothing because you will narrow your selection down to those pieces that add to the "fabulous factor". 

There is liberation in revealing your natural style... go ahead try it!

fashionLiz Logan