How to Go from Big Health Goals to A Beautiful Lifestyle

1. Eat Real Food

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates

As we say all the time, "What you put at the end of your fork is the most powerful tool to transform your health & really change the world." 

There’s no doubt about it, a real food diet is the cornerstone of vibrant health.  No matter where you land on the diet spectrum, more whole, plant-powerful foods can enrich your life and improve your health..

We need to ditch the fake, heavily processed Standard American Diet (SAD, which is a pretty funny & appropriate acronym) and eat real, nutrient-dense foods that our bodies can thrive on.  Doing this alone is one of the best health savings plans you can count on.

Join our Rebalance Skinfit Challenge to start the process.


2. Choose Natural Beauty

Our skin is our largest organ and literally absorbs up to 60% of whatever we put on it.  So it would make sense that we pay attention to what we put on it.  The average woman wears 150 chemicals on an average day.  It's pretty simple...don't be average! 

We need to make sure that whatever we put on our skin, whether shampoo, lotion or lip stick, better be real.  Finding healthy, safe, non-toxic makeup and skincare choices are something you need to start paying attention to.  What we are loving?  After a long, investigative search, we landed on this company as our Clean Beauté product partner.

By switching your products to healthy, safe and non-toxic, you are giving your health a huge boost and truly creating a lifestyle that supports your best health!


3.  Create Healthy Home

Your home has a lot more to do with the health of you & your family than you may think! 

“A growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.” – US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Institute of Public Health found that typical house dust contains 45 toxic chemicals, and that 90% of the dust samples contained 10 extremely harmful chemicals that are known to cause cancer, hormonal disruption, reproductive harm, and nervous system toxicity. These chemicals make their way into the dust via the products we choose to bring into our homes.

Choosing safe home care and cleaning solutions to help to detox your home, from the most effective non-toxic cleaning options to all-natural pest control.  Improve your air quality with filters, open air refreshing and mold checks.  




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