The Powerful & Simple Challenge of Discovering Who You Really Are

Be who you are because everyone else is taken!

How often do you wake up struggling to make since of your life path and who you are?  Last week, I woke up realizing I wasn't the person I use to be anymore.  Everything about me had evolved and I was shedding old skin.  I was like the butterfly emerging into the light after the deep process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.  As I explored what this meant, I recognized that I needed to change my name from my married name to reflect who I was today.

So I did and it was so liberating!

The lesson in this is really simple.  It's not about changing your name, although go for it if that is something you want to do.   It's more about coming into a deep knowing of who you really are.  It's about waking up and being who you really are, scars and everything.  It's the celebration of your spirit.  It's certainly about cultivating a relationship to self so you can show up fully in your life.

This week, sit with the question "Who are you...really?"  At a core level, where do your values align with who you are?  How is that different than how you are showing up in your life?  What will it take for you to shed the old and really step into fullness around who you truly are. 

I hope doing this practice will bring you as much clarity as it did me.  After all, life is about being YOU!  Time to step into the most glorious version of you.


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