Promising Benefits When You Make Space to do Nothing


Have you ever thought about creating space in your life to just be still and do nothing?  Do you ever give yourself permission to step out of your To-Do list, all of the things that you feel like you have to get done before your 24 hours is up and really find quiet time?

It's time to learn how to drop into your breath, take time to reset your body and mind, find time to stop moving, experience time to look around you and enjoy a quiet moment. 

This could be 20 minutes or even be 10 minutes. 

Start to cultivate some time throughout your day that you could be quiet and still without electronics and the hustle of our daily requirements.

So many of us are going through life busy, going from one event to the next.  From getting the kids to sports practice, school and then career balancing and home life, we are losing the essence of what life is really about.  The enjoyment that life is there for. 

Create space in your day to just be and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, that's where you will really experience life's fullness.  It can be 20 minutes a day, even 10 minutes to start, but when you implement this practice into your daily lifestyle, the benefits are profound.

If you are inside during winter, snuggle up to a fire with a good book or allow yourself to drift off.  If you are somewhere where you can enjoy nature, go outside and feel the earth under your feet.  Sit on a park bench or watch the ocean waves just crashing one after the next.  Follow the flow of your breath.  Do something to quiet your mind and allow yourself to come into stillness and really enjoy breath and life's beauty.

You don't need to necessarily put this on your To-do list, but do focus on how to step away from the context of your busy life and really find a moment, just a 20 minute moment, where you can enjoy the peace, the quiet, the serenity, the rejuvenation that comes with dropping into a present moment. 

As you implement this skill this week keep it simple.  You are going to focus on creating a space for you, whether a certain room in your house with a candle, quiet music or a good book, or it may look like coming outside and taking a nice walk.  Make it something you don't have to do but something you look forward to doing.  This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself throughout your day.

The enormous lifestyle benefits to this are so great, because we are all going through life at such a fast pace, we truly forget to slow down and look around us. 

Half the time we don't even know what the weather is outside because we are so connected to our electronic devises.  So turn your devices off, connect with yourself, quiet your mind, enjoy 20 minutes.  That's all we are asking.  We promise you it will have a beautiful impact in your daily living.

lifestyleLiz Logan