Successful Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep


Let's talk about ways to improve the quality of your sleep.  Most of our country is not getting enough sleep!   But sleep is one of the most crucial things you can be giving yourself to ensure a life of health.  What happens when we don't get enough sleep is it really destroys our health long-term.  What's really happening when we sleep is a lot of restorative benefits, so it's important we get a lot of it.

Sleep deprivation perpetuates a vicious cycle of excess stress hormones, reduced sleep-inducing melatonin and low growth hormone.  Your hormonal balance also effects your ability to sleep.  For example, if you have low progesterone often associated with PMS or low serotonin common with depression, both can lead to many frustrating nights of tossing and turning.

So the first thing we are going to look at today is how you prepare for sleep. Do you come to bed and turn on the tv?  Are you stressed and going right to sleep before winding down from your day?

Here are some tools to prepare for sleep.  Taking a warm shower before bedtime actually cools your system down a few degrees so you can slow the body down, calm the mind and prepare it for a good night sleep.  This also rids your body of the day's events and is a great way to let the energy of the day melt away.

The other thing we want you to consider is how your bedroom feels.  Are there distractions?  What is the lighting in your room?  Do you have electronics too close to your head?  That will make a big impact on your ability to sleep soundly.  Make sure your electronics are at least 3 feet from your head.  So if you are using a cell phone as your alarm clock make sure you put it 3' away from your head.

Create a "zen experience", a sanctuary, in your bedroom with music, candles, or a good book.  Even journal at night can be a beautiful way to acknowledge the day and then close the day's chapter so your mind can rest.  Let go of any thoughts you have by writing them down so your brain doesn't feel like you have to remember or think about them during your good night of sleep.

Come into a more beautiful relationship to sleep.  When you turn the lights out, it's time for the deep, restorative ZZZZs.  Enjoy peace & serenity as you fall into a great night of sleep.

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healthLiz Logan