Easy Skills to Revolutionize Your Beautiful Life

Our Intention creates our reality!
— Wayne Dryer

Every morning take some quiet time easing into your day and set up intentions for your beautiful day.  This has become such an important part of joyful living in my life and I invite you to try it!

Grab a journal & repeat this process daily. 

Here are your Daily Intentional Questions that will revolutionize your beautiful life

1.  What are you most grateful for today?  Top 5 things

2.  Who do I love right now in my life?

3.  Why am I so happy today?

4.  What is the #1 thing you are committed to today?  How committed are you to that commitment?

5.  What is your intention for today?  A word, a project, a task?

6.  What are your top 3 wishes for today?

7.  Who are you really being today as you move through this next 24 hour cycle?

That's it!  Talk about conscious living, this really drops you right into the present moment.  Enjoy.