How to Lose Weight Effortless With These 3 Fundamental Secrets


We really only need good circumstances to give the body what it needs for self healing.  If we take out all the complicated jargon we have been taught to believe or buy into, it really is very simple.  And I'm a big fan of simple systems.

When it comes to food, nourishing the body through nutrients, there are really 3 secrets to the equation. 

Secret #1.  What we eat. 
This is obvious where it's good or you or bad, we control this step.  We talk a lot in our culture about this, carbs, protein, fats.  You've heard no sugar, no gluten.  When you eat organic, whole foods, plant-focused and as close to the earth or source as possible, we set ourselves up for great health.

Secret #2.  How we eat. 
This is where is gets a little more complicated.  How are you being when you eat?  Are you emotional when you eat?  Are you having an intense conversation while you are eating?  Are you rushed, stressed and totally unaware of how you are shoveling your food in?  Are you socially eating and drinking at the same time, not paying attention to what you are putting in your body. 

Or on the other side,  are you happy, are you relaxed, are you enjoying good company while you eat?  Are you chewing your food with full awareness?  This is another step that we have total control over and might be the most important.  What happens in the mouth starts the digestive process and ultimately how the nutrients will be used in our body.  Once we swallow our food, we move into Secret #3

Secret #3. How our digestive system can digest.  This is where we leave it up to our bodies and no longer have control.  What you did in secrets #1 & #2, ultimately have a huge impact on how secret #3 goes.  When we set ourselves up for inevitable success in steps #1 and #2, our intelligent body takes over and does the rest in #3.  Hopefully the result is Vitality + Energy + Fantastic Health!

So where do you struggle with this?  Which step can you work on with more awareness this week?  Start to really pay attention to all 3 of these secrets and you will be on your way to effortless weight loss.

healthLiz Logan