Your Best Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone Right Now!


After I went through a divorce, I didn’t realize but I was really shrinking in my life.  I was full of guilt and angst around having a marriage end.  I was worried about how I was going to show up in my new life.  I struggled to find my sense of self, confidence and power.  After depleting efforts of struggling, I woke up one day to realize that way of living really wasn't serving me at all.

And so I discovered the other side of comfort.

Getting out of your comfort zone is an opportunity to expand and shift your mind and come into a new way of being and knowing self.  Traveling is a great way to do this and probably what helps me the most when I need to expand my zone.

Experiencing a foreign land is such a healing aspect of leaving the safe harbor and setting sail to new uncharted waters.  

Setting yourself out on a new adventure, a new way of being, a new way of thinking and coming into a larger place of how you are showing up, that's what getting out of the comfort zone is really about. 

The opportunity exists to open your heart to new culture, new people, new conversations that we don’t have if we are closed down and playing small.

So this is an invitation this week to play outside the comfort zone, to be bigger, to expand yourself, to take one step outside that comfort zone and try it out for size! 

All those things that you always wanted to do, the adventures, the hobbies, the way of being and living, now is the time to jump out of the comfort zone to embark on those things.

This is my blessing for you this week and I hope you challenge yourself to take that first step out of the comfort zone.  There are big rewards and opportunities outside the comfort zone!

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