The 5 Best Choices for a Clean Beautiful Kitchen


Your kitchen has big opportunity for hidden toxins, most of which can be avoided with the right education and planning.  Here is our simple recommendations to revamp your kitchen into a clean beautiful one.

Cookware:  Detox your kitchen with cookware labeled “PFOA-free” and “PTFE-free” Both are chemicals found in nonstick surfaces such as Teflon.  Instead use Porcelain-enameled cast iron,
Stainless steel, or Ceramic-coated non-sticks

*Our Best in Class:  Green Pan Cookware


Stainless steel

Glass storage containers are the best for your health and the longevity of your left overs.  Pyrex are good as well.  Avoid plastics, which contain BPA.


Avoid triclosan, an antibacterial agent.  Use plant-based detergent or vinegar is a great alternative to harsh cleaning supplies.  There are now several choices on the market including a favorite, Seventh Generation products.


As tempting as your microwave may be, it’s best to take a vacation from it!  Besides changing the molecular structure of your food and depleting the nutrients of your food, it also can drain your energy.  Also realize when you heat your foods by microwave in your favorite plastic containers, the chemicals in plastic leaks into your foods, creating a toxic bath.  Instead reheat food with your healthy cookware or in a convection oven.

These 5 solutions will ensure less toxins and greater health for the whole family!

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