3 Practical Steps to Free Your Soul


The reoccurring theme this week for me in talking to my clients and friends is that "the more money we have, the more stuff we accumulate, does not equal more happiness!"  The accumulation of things does not bring you a higher level of joy.

It's time to teach you my 3 simple steps to how to really free your soul! 

This week it's time to take inventory of how you are living your life, no matter how much money you have or don't have.  The truth is we all have way too much stuff that we've collected or kept and accumulated over the years.

Whether it's toys, second homes, boats, hobbie equipment, clothes we don't wear, sports equipment we collect dust on.  My guess is there are some things that you don't use or even look at on a daily basis.

Follow my 3 simple steps to free your soul.

Step 1Declutter!  If you don't use it, get rid of it!!  It's that simple

Step 2.  Prioritize.  What are the things that are important to you and why?  What are the things you want to do with your days?  Do this by season.  How do you want to spend your summer?  What are the things that genuinely bring you joy?

Step 3. Simplify!  Simplified living is so freeing for the mind.  It doesn't burden you with all the heavy energy that it takes to keep up with owning and housing all the "stuff" in our lives.

These 3 simple steps...De-cluttering, Prioritizing & Simplifying how you live your life will free your soul to live a life you really love!

I dare you to try this!

**The bonus trick...don't replace the items you get rid of with new things.  Instead take the money you make from selling them to make a donation to your favorite charity or save it up to take a bucket list trip.  The reward will be huge!

As always I hope you live a life of health, happiness and abundance and feel sexy doing it!  See you next week on LizTV!

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