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The word "healthy" use to mean I was eating the right things and I was exercising daily.  I was a picture of health.  So why then was I not able to get pregnant in my early thirties?  It wasn't until I went to a doctor in Europe who told me I was living in a toxic bath.  My "healthy lifestyle" was not taking into account the whole picture of what health included.  Despite my healthy efforts, I was drowning in highly elevated amounts of mercury, disrupting my hormones.  My body was hugely compromised.  

Where was I getting mercury?  I didn't even eat fish at that time.  Soon, I realized it was environmental toxins and the products I was putting on my skin, which also happens to be our largest organ!  Yikes.  I learned that the toxins lurking in our environment was causing major havoc on my health.

There are chemicals that we’re all exposed to, every day in our normal every day lives that can be undermining your health, leaving you wondering if it's just in your head, and leaving you feeling hopeless.

Environmental Toxins are literally linked to every single health condition that we’re struggling with as a population: cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, infertility, learning disabilities, autism, allergies, heart disease, excess weight… and on and on.

This is a big missing piece of the conversation around health.  Understanding the role that these chemical toxins play in our health (or lack of health) can absolutely redefine the way you think of “health”.

Knowing this is a huge struggle we face with our health, lead to the conversation around the role this was playing on the destruction of Mother Earth.  Environmental toxins are also an immediate danger of global warming and needs our awareness and action to curb its destructive effects on the environment.

Between our health of people and our planet, thankfully it has lead to our passion and movement to empower you to make better choices.  That's why the need to create an education based, empowerment platform, Clean Beauté™, was formed and the desperate search for products to support the movement. 

If you’re tired of hearing about all that’s wrong with the health of our planet and the people in it and would rather get up and do something about it, then you’re in the right place. Depressing statistics and news can only go so far before we’re paralyzed into inaction.  Clean Beauté is a passionate mission based company to inspire change in your life choices for a healthier world and a healthier YOU.

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