Andrea Harrison

I started out in the beauty industry long ago, as a licensed makeup artist in New York City working for a huge company in the beauty industry. I was around beauty from the beginning and I can tell you, there are very few companies conscious about the ingredients in their products. I was lucky enough to work for a company that was fairly conscious, so from the get go, what I was using on my models and putting on myself was important to me. However, the growth and success of my former employer changed the way they treated their employees and eventually, changed some of the ways they treated the environment and the outcome of what was in their products. The eco-friendly, health conscious company I worked so hard for, didn’t exist anymore.

I had been searching for a new way to channel my passions for makeup, people and the environment and I have found that here with Clean Beauté. I now get to train and learn from the leading experts in safe beauty, play with incredible, high performance products and be a part of a team that supports my busy lifestyle. I get to decide how my career works for me and focus on being a makeup artist, instead of worrying about getting booked for my next gig. My new life is all about me, caring for others (by using safe beauty products) and educating those who need to know more about this toxic industry. It fills my cup every day to know that I helped someone make a healthy choice AND I made them look gorgeous, too! What an incredible gift to share!